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What is a neck tie ?

What is a neck tie ?

In modern society, men's formal attire is no longer simply wearing a set of clothes. It has now become a kind of culture, a kind of etiquette, and has profound connotations. But today, the editor will not talk about the suit with the high aura of the protagonist for the time being, and turn the spotlight to the best supporting role-the tie.

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A tie is something that stands out and can be versatile without being over the top. The aura they show is either colorful, fresh and elegant, or rigorous and solemn. In this regard, men have endless imagination, always trying to show their rich inner world through this long and narrow tie.

Origin of tie:
There are many legends about the origin of neckties. The earliest neckties can be traced back to the Roman Empire. Soldiers at that time wore scarves on their chests, which were used to wipe their swords. When fighting, drag the sword to the scarf to wipe off the blood on it. Therefore, most modern ties use striped patterns, which originated from this.

Some people also believe that the tie originated in Germany. The Germans lived in the deep mountains and old forests. They drank blood with fur and wore animal skins to keep warm and keep out the cold. In this way, the wind cannot blow in from the neck, which keeps warm and prevents wind. Later, the straw rope around their necks was discovered by Westerners and gradually perfected into a tie .

Post time: Apr-18-2023