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  • How to choose a tie ?

    How to choose a tie ?

    IThe material of the tie. Ties are generally made of silk, wool and polyester, and now there are silk and wool mixed and so on. In fact, there are quite a lot of tie materials, but you must choose the tie according to the type of suit you own. If you don't match it prope...
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  • What is a neck tie ?

    What is a neck tie ?

    In modern society, men's formal attire is no longer simply wearing a set of clothes. It has now become a kind of culture, a kind of etiquette, and has profound connotations. But today, the editor will not talk about the suit with the high aura of the protagonist for the ...
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  • How to match silk scarves?

    How to match silk scarves?

    Teach you how to match silk scarves Plain clothes with plain silk scarves. Contrast matching methods of the same color can be used, such as a black dress with a neutral-colored silk scarf, which has a strong overall sense, but careless matching will cause the overall col...
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  • Do you want to know the origin of the neck tie?

    Do you want to know the origin of the neck tie?

    BOYI NECKWEAR Tell you the origin of the tie: The tie began in the Roman Empire. At that time, soldiers wore something similar to scarves and ties around their necks. It wasn’t until 1668 that the tie in France began to change into the style it is today and developed in...
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