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Bowtie Custom Process

We formulate 14 steps to customize the bow tie, each stage with strictly controls the quality. These processes are respectively source yarn, weaving, fabric inspect, drawing,cutting, sewing, ribbon ironing, button sewing, ironing,interlining, hand knotting, bowtie inspecting, packing and showing on our web.

Bowtie Custom Process

  • 1. Material

    1. Material

    We will select the yarns from the warehouse according to the customer's different requirements of color and material.Usually there have hundreds of yarns for choice.

  • 2. Weaving

    2. Weaving

    We have automatic imported woven machine, when the yarns on the machine, it takes a short time to weave the finished fabric, high-efficient and with nice quality.

  • 3. Fabric Inspect

    3. Fabric Inspect

    After fabric is ready, we will arrange the professional quality inspectors to inspect the fabric and pick out the defects from the fabric to ensure the quality is prefect.

  • 4. Drawing

    4. Drawing

    When clear all the defects, we will draw the cutting lines on the fabric according to different pattern orientation, to help the next cutting step will goes smooth.

  • 5. Cutting

    5. Cutting

    We base on bow ties of size to cut fabric, then apart front and back cutting fabric to ensure correct shape.

  • 6. Sewing

    6. Sewing

    We sew the cutting fabric to bow tie.

  • 7. Ribbon Ironing

    7. Ribbon Ironing

    We ironing the ribbon band, fit heat to not hurt fabric.

  • 8. Button Sewing

    8. Button Sewing

    We put the button on neck band, then sew it after fixed position.

  • 9. Ironing

    9. Ironing

    We iron the sewing fabric to keep bow tie shape.

  • 10. Interlining

    10. Interlining

    3-layer folded lining makes the bow tie more three-dimensional.

  • 11. Hand Knotting

    11. Hand Knotting

    Knotted by hand, the middle knot is more symmetrical and the sewing is stronger.

  • 12. Bowtie Inspecting

    12. Bowtie Inspecting

    Every inspection, remove defective bow ties.

  • 13. Packing

    13. Packing

    Manual packing, support box packing, opp bag packing, customized packing.

  • 14. Showing

    14. Showing

    Wearing a three-dimensional bow tie can often make you look more energetic and become the focus of everyone.