Being unique is in MODUNIQ’s nature

our greatest aspiration is to keep ourselves uncommonly fashionable


Our Identity


Make entire company only make DECISIONS that follow our brand mission. We want our clients to be able to see and understand what our brand mission is and convey this information INTERNALLY to all company members. By understanding what our brand mission is your company will solely be able to make brand decisions that ONLY follow what our mission is as a brand.

Be Your Own Model

MODUNIQ's mission is engrained in its name: to imagine and create for our customers a distinctive, truly personal way to model their most gorgeous self, their way to share and fulfill their intimate dream of beauty and elegance.

MODUNIQ was born to give them everything they need to transform every daily gesture in a graceful celebration of charm and elegance, aesthetic rituals and fascinating accessories to be handed down to the future generations, to realize everyone's natural desire to feel special, to be one's own model - irreplaceably unique.


A strong set of brand goals is what allows our company to MOVE in one single unified direction as well as make brand decisions that help us meet our brand GOALS. When creating our own brand goals what is next is to put in place a plan to achieve them.

A One-in-a-million One-stop Brand

How do you become and stay unique?
This question (and its answer) lies at the very core of MODUNIQ's daily commitment to consolidate and grow its global reputation as a peerless one-stop supplier of high-end fashion accessories.

How do we do it?
With MODUNIQ's perfect mix of seasoned expertise and ageless curiosity for the most contemporary and attractive trends and designs, with our total control over the entire supply chain and production processes, with our first-class quality certified by international standards, with a far-reaching logistic network and a customer service ready to deliver and support the uniqueness of our customers anywhere in the world, any time they need to feel MODUNIQ.


Brand values standardize our companies behaviour so it's inline with our brand values. We want our own company as well as our clients to understand what is important to us.


20 years of experience have taught us not just the value of things, but the value of time as well: that’s why MODUNIQ delivers the maximum of its experience in the shortest time, to optimize every resource and every minute of its customers, to offer them all the value they seek, from just one, trustworthy supplier.

Being unique is in MODUNIQ’s nature: our greatest aspiration is to keep ourselves uncommonly fashionable, and help our customers express their most personal style and personality. To do this, we are ready for anything: any customer’s requirement or need becomes a personal matter, which we are ready to face by offering the best of our customizable sophistication.



The global fashion Industry is going through epochal changes, embracing a more sustainable way of being stylish. Since its inception MODUNIQ has been committed to accelerating this revolution, designing and manufacturing its creations with the least impact on our naturally fashionable environment.

MODUNIQ was born with a dream, and today we have managed to turn it into reality: to bring our most creative uniqueness across the whole globe. Succeeding is never easy, but it feels so natural to us because our skillful team and unparalleled expertise have been at the service of our international customers for decades, always ready to meet their specific demands, everywhere, every time they need a partner who really care.