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Tie Custom Process

How does a custom tie come into being?
Firstly, the size, pattern and other details of the tie are determined according to customer's requirements.
Then, the designer makes the pattern design draft by computer, confirms the color number and ensures that it is consistent with the customer's request. The fabric is woven.
The following step is the inspection of the fabric. Any defective fabric can not be used for the tie.
Finally, the perfect fabric will be cut into different tie pieces according to the size of tie, and the pieces are sewn, ironed, labeled, inspected and packed. Thus, a customized tie is born.

Tie Custom Process

  • 1. Discussing

    1. Discussing

    Our professional design team consists of several experienced designers. They are glad to listen to you and create what you imagine. We will patiently discussing for many times, in order to help you to develop the most suitable and professional scheme.

  • 2. Designing

    2. Designing

    We have the professional software to design your products with your ideas, share your detail requirement with us,whatever the colour,texture,size and logo..we will combine it and offer several sketches for your reference.

  • 3. Swatch Comparing

    3. Swatch Comparing

    After designing, we will use our advanced woven machine to make the swatch for refer. Comparing the new swatch with the original samples to check whether the result is what you want or not, include the colour, the hand feeling,the pattern and so on.

  • 4. Yarns&Materials

    4. Yarns&Materials

    We have a special warehouse for storing materials and yarns, to satisfy the needs from different customers. It contains silk, polyester, linen, cotton, wool fabric materials and hundreds of yarns which matching Pantone color code for customer's choice.

  • 5. Weaving

    5. Weaving

    We have imported jacquard woven machine to weave the fabrics, Each pattern with it's special density and corresponding hooks. It can guarantee the texture be more stronger, the pattern more vivid, and make the production more effective.

  • 6. Fabric Inspecting

    6. Fabric Inspecting

    Inspecting the fabric each meter with no fuzzy and defective on the face.

  • 7. Cutting

    7. Cutting

    Putting the fabric of necktie one by one layer, cut the fabric with 45 degree to parepare making necktie.

  • 8. Sewing

    8. Sewing

    Stitching tipping and cutting fabric of necktie, flatly sewing base to triangle shape.

  • 9. Ironing

    9. Ironing

    Filling the interling in sewed faric, then ironing without wrinkle.

  • 10. Hand Sewing

    10. Hand Sewing

    The sewing worker confirms the height of tack bar,and sews every needle evenly with skilled technology, and sealed the tie well in just two minutes.

  • 11. Labelling

    11. Labelling

    Then, stitch the custom brand label of the tie ,put it in the middle of the tie according to the size of brand label.

  • 12. Product Inspecting

    12. Product Inspecting

    After completing each manufacturing step, the product needs to carry out the final strict quality inspection. Any fabric or workmanship defects can't be passed.Iron the tie flat.

  • 13. Packing

    13. Packing

    The simple package of tie is usually one tie one polybag.Some customers also require to pack them in box, a box visible at the top,which will make the tie looks more beautiful.

  • 14. Showing

    14. Showing

    A well-made tie with beautiful pattern,match a high-grade suit,makes a man look much more energetic.It is a necessary match for men to attend formal occasions.