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How to choose a tie ?

How to choose a tie ?

IThe material of the tie. Ties are generally made of silk, wool and polyester, and now there are silk and wool mixed and so on.
In fact, there are quite a lot of tie materials, but you must choose the tie according to the type of suit you own. If you don't match
it properly, it will make people look funny, and you will feel that you don't know etiquette. Silk ties are generally the best choice,
followed by wool and finally polyester. This thing is still what you pay for, expensive is not necessarily good, but good must
be expensive.

The color and pattern of the tie. The color and pattern of the tie are quite particular, and generally darker colors are more
common, such as dark red and navy blue. Because this darker color will make people feel more formal and calm. The patterns on
the tie are generally relatively simple, such as polka dots or stripes. Fancy ties will not appear in formal occasions, but it is
still possible during Chinese New Year and holidays.

polyester tie

The length and width of the tie. The length and width of the tie are also very particular. The length of the tie should be just
above the belt. Too short is not formal enough, and too long is too cumbersome. Wide ties are suitable for more formal suits,
while short ties are more suitable for casual suits and other clothes.

Choose the style that suits you. There are also many different styles of neckties, for example, for work occasions, dinner occasions,
leisure occasions, and festival occasions. Work occasions are more formal, dinner occasions are more gorgeous, casual
occasions are fine, festival occasions are more cheerful and playful.

Post time: May-24-2023