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Product Details

Bulk stock and ready to shipping alcohol gel.

Product name: Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Gel

Form: Liquid

Toilet Soap Type: Hand Soap

Main Ingredient:  75% Alcohol

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Wholesale Bulk Stock Alcohol Gel Supplier Details

Product name      

Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Gel

Main Ingredient

75% Alcohol



Toilet Soap Type  

Hand Soap


Kill 99.99% Germs


FDA Approved and CE Approved       


Shrink Packing, Carton Packing     



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Customization Order Process

1st Step:Sending us your samples or tell us what kind of products you are looking for: material, construction, color, width, your usage, target prices etc.

2nd Step: Quotation: Based on your samples or the requirements descriptions, we will select the suitable and similar Wholesale Bulk Stock Alcohol Gel Supplier pictures for your checking or reference and quote the estimated price.

3rd Step: Making a sample: After price confirmed, we can send you a sample from free of charge, express freight covered by you. For custom sample making, the lead time is 5-14 days. Once finished the sample we will send for approval with the final price.

4th Step:Signing Contract: Once the sample, quantity and price are confirmed, a contract needs to be signed or a proforma invoice will be sent for your confirmation by email.

5th Step:Payment: Customer pay money according to the contract or pi requirements.

6th step: Bulk production: to produce the Wholesale Bulk Stock Alcohol Gel Supplier on time after receiving your prepayment.

7th Step: Shipment: After QC and packing, goods shipped as agreed.

8th Step: Receiving and exchange the goods: To confirm receipt in time and inspect the goods Exchange can be 7 days if you find serious quality problems may apply replenishment.


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