Why tie can tie men's taste

Update:06 May 2020

To know the level of Custom Suspenders a man's clothing […]

To know the level of Custom Suspenders a man's clothing, just look at the details on his body. A tie, a belt, a square diamond, and a pair of shoes can reveal his taste. Suits have always been classics, occasionally fashionable, but only the change of collar size, the number of buttons to transform, can show fashion is a tie.


Classic Stripe Pocket Square

Don't underestimate this little tie. The color, texture, and pattern of the tie have very obvious "progressive" characteristics. After this year and this season, this tie is old-fashioned, even if it is good The brand, in the sense of fashion, will lose ground. For example, texture, the chemical fiber tie that was popular 10 years ago is now old-fashioned; for example, chroma, natural colors, and bright tender colors are current fashion; for example, patterns, dense small floral flowers are fashionable, and It is a pattern with Asian style, especially Chinese folk customs.


The fashion of the tie is completely consistent with the mentality. Modern men are full of hope, so the color should be bright and clear; doing business is real and tense, so the flowers must be dense; Chinese economic development makes the world envious, so Chinese folk customs have become mascots.


Suits do not have to be changed frequently, and ties must be changed frequently, because only ties can hold the fashion taste of formal wear, and changing the tie every day is also a firm rule of the suit. If you do n’t want to eliminate the outdated old tie or change a different tie every day, then of course you ca n’t keep up with fashion.