What to wear to the ball

Update:01 Jun 2020

Our all-silk Blue custom necktie Palmetto Cummerbund Se […]

Our all-silk Blue custom necktie Palmetto Cummerbund Set is a versatile ensemble that every proud South Carolinian will find reason to wear - either together or as a bow alone - year after year. Presented in Citadel Blue and hand-made in the USA, this handsome set is also available in orange and garnetand makes for an especially treasured purchase for those headed for college in our home state. The ultimate in black tie attire, the R. Hanauer Black Velvet Cummerbund Set is absolute elegance. Presented in luxe cotton velvet and hand-made in our Fort Mill workshop, this set will never go out of style.


Hand Made Fashion Cotton Men Necktie Bowtie Set With Box

Prom is the ideal occasion to sport this specialty set but, we warn you - you may become the center of attention. Available as a set in red as well, and sold separately as bow ties in black and red.Gone are the days when prom pictures go only as far as Mom’s mantle. With photos instantly circulating the globe via social media, the pressure is on today’s prom dates to be especially spiffy.One way to make a lasting impression is by coordinating colors with your date. We recommend a gentleman complement his date’s dress and have a broad selection of sophisticated patterns and on-trend colors that will complete the desired look.


Among our standouts are our all-silk, American-made Derwin Repp Cummerbund Sets shown in Coral and available in five other colors and our Windsor Dots Cummerbund Sets  shown in Purple and available in four other colors. Bow ties and neckties are available in these patterns too.Prom represents a rite of passage, and offers a time to celebrate the accomplishments of one’s formative years and to welcome in what’s to come.Fine accessories that showcase pride for the home team  or for those graduation bound - a nod to college colors are a heartwarming tribute and a handsome choice for prom.


Shown here in navy orange, our all-silk Bar Stripes Cumberbund Set comes in  colors and is also available in bow ties, neckties, and bow tie and pocket square sets.Last, but certainly not the least of our 2020 prom picks is our Formal Black Satin Cummerbund Set. A traditional choice, these exquisite and incredibly versatile all-silk accessories will forever be in fashion.To elevate the look and make sure his set makes it home, consider adding a monogram to either the bow tie or cummerbund. This gorgeous fabric is also available in a necktie and is sold separately as a bow tietoo. Prom photos are social media gold! Tag your dapper #RHanauer Prom looks on Instagram and Facebook, and be sure to check out our YouTube channel too.