What issues should be paid attention to in custom shirts

Update:24 Aug 2020

Linen custom necktie or cotton fabric shirts are high q […]

Linen custom necktie or cotton fabric shirts are high quality business shirts, which are more expensive, but because they are easy to wrinkle, the cost of care is also very high to keep them bright and straight. For students and friends who have just worked, the most suitable for you is pure cotton plus Polyester blended shirts, and among them, the cotton-to-polyester ratio is.This type of fabric has the characteristics of polyester fabric wrinkle resistance, non-ironing, and can be machine washed casually.


Y Collar Handsome Vest

With a good visual texture similar to pure cotton fabrics, as for wool shirts, it is recommended to buy them only when you consider the warmth factor in winter, because its care is more troublesome than linen and cotton. The classic formal custom shirts must be pure white. But as the usual working environment and the requirements of young people, we don't need to be so harsh. It is usually recommended to choose a light-colored shirt. Light blue is a classic that will never go wrong. Light pink and light yellow are fashionable colors.


People with darker skin can choose a darker shirt. Striped and patterned shirts are also available, but more attention is paid to matching suits and ties. However, shirts that are too fancy are not suitable in the field of formal wear. In fact, formal formal shirt manufacturers will not produce such products. The shirt buttons of regular manufacturers must be X-shaped, and the narrowing part must be on the inside with a short thread. The trademark on the button should be consistent with that of the shirt.


The texture of opaque shells is more noble than the texture of transparent plastic. Buttons with metallic colors should be chosen carefully, which can easily make you appear too ostentatious. Formal shirts are generally long sleeved. Short-sleeved shirts can’t be counted as classic formal wear originally, but if the office air conditioner is not turned on enough in the hot summer, short-sleeved shirts are not a disqualification, but you should remember that short-sleeved shirts don’t need a tie.