What are the charms of ties

Update:08 Jun 2020

A tie is a must-have Custom Suspenders accessory for me […]

A tie is a must-have Custom Suspenders accessory for men. It always appears with a suit. It always feels very mature and steady, and can show your taste in life. The styles of ties are also various. Ties of solid colors and stripes are versatile. They are not very outstanding but they will not be wrong. A tie is like a symbol that shows formality, deep stability and social meeting. It is usually used for decoration, matching with a suit, and usually used for formal occasions.

Yellow Stripe Leisure Bow Tie

Designed for white-collar workers, the tie pattern is dominated by timeless dots, twill, and checkered. The materials are exquisite and elegant. The series pays special attention to the fluorescent effect on the tie. On the background of the deep tie, the staggered lines of the warp and weft or the bright spots like the stars are shining, and the star is full of flavor. Easy and casual, the decoration of the tie overwhelms the need for etiquette. Therefore, cartoon dolls, flowers, animals, etc. also climbed on the tie for matching with T-shirts, casual suits.


Exaggerated colors and grotesque patterns reveal the apostasy of the series everywhere, becoming a pet chased by avant-garde people. Purple red, indigo, tile yellow, etc. are its standard colors. It is specially prepared for men with strange clothes and accessories. Women's wardrobes always have fewer clothes, and men's wardrobes always have fewer ties. "So on some important occasions, it is a very important etiquette for men to wear a tie.


Tie has become a classic decoration for men, it can often reflect the age, occupation, temperament and cultural accomplishment of men. Different colors of the tie can be fed back Different information. Even the same suit, different colors of ties can give different impressions. The same shirt and tie matching is also a knowledge. If the matching is not correct, it may destroy the overall feeling, but if Cleverly matched, it can catch everyone's eyes and appear to be ingenious. The tie is always the dominant role because it is the most eye-catching part of the clothing. Generally speaking, you should focus on the tie and the suit jacket first In terms of collocation, from a more particular point of view, the color of the top should become the basic color of the tie.