Welcome Jack Come To Boyi

Update:21 Dec 2018

  This is a customer from India, whose company's s […]



This is a customer from India, whose company's silk scarves have been customized in our company. After so many years of cooperation, we get along well and have a pleasant communication. We send them regular email greetings and holiday wishes to strengthen our relationship.
In July this year, he happened to China to buy goods. During his work, he specially came to our company. The business manager of the company had prepared the goods two days in advance such as "Welcome Jack's arrival". To this end, we also specially made a red banner with the title "Welcome Jack to Boyi".
Jack had a cordial talk with us, and we briefly reviewed the past cooperation process in the conference room. Later, the business manager guidance us to visit the workshop and the sample room. Jack liked our corporate culture very much. Passion, unity and fraternity are the first impression our team gives him and the guarantee of future communication.
At the end of the day's trip to boyi, we took a photo of the team at the suggestion of Jack. He said he loved boyi and was looking forward to his next trip.