We were together

Update:22 Dec 2018

  Boyi was a member of alibaba international stati […]



Boyi was a member of alibaba international station for 14 years. I was very happy to participate in this enterprise group activity at the invitation of alibaba official. The location of the activity was arranged in a hotel. Our company's partners arrived early. There were many people here and the atmosphere was very good.

The theme of this activity was "Wolf soul", which was about cultivating team spirit. On the first day, everyone present introduced themselves and which company they came from. The next day, we did a lot of activities. We helped each other and completed an impossible task together. Our colleagues performed very well. On the third day, the team praised the program separately and showed their perfect side.

We laughed together, sang together, danced happily in the meeting place of more than 100 people, of course, we also knew a lot of new friends, left contact information with each other. In a short time, it was not easy to cultivate very deep feelings, we also cherished this encounter. At the end of the activity, we took photos. Thank you very much alibaba for giving us this opportunity to get to know each other.