The First Order From the New Guy

Update:21 Dec 2018

  The new employee, who joined the company in June […]



The new employee, who joined the company in June, is currently studying at an advanced college in Shanghai with excellent academic records. In order to exercise herself, she heard from the Internet that boyi has a lot of customization experience in the clothing industry such as ties, and is mainly engaged in foreign trade. After two days' consideration, she decided to come to boyi for an interview, hoping to join us quickly.
Many foreign friends often come to boyi to visit our factory and sample warehouse, which benefits from more than 20 years of processing experience in necktie and apparel. Boyi's products and reputation has been recognized by customers.
As a new person, everything has to be done from the beginning. She began to get familiar with the products and understand every process of customization. After two months of hard study, she got to know the basic knowledge of the product. At the same time, she also kept strengthening oral English practice, and communicated with colleagues in English to improve her communication skills with customers.
In September of this year, she successfully invited a customer from the United States. The foreign friend took his friend to visit our company warmly, thought that we were a serious and responsible factory, also had the strong enterprise culture. Finally, our colleagues brought customers to the sample room, where a variety of ties, bow ties, scarves, suspenders and other products were stored. The customer finally decided to select dozens of samples to the United States, hoping to find products that fit their company.
Soon after, this American customer ordered a large order of ties in our company. It was a real treat and the company rewarded the new colleague.