Pink shirt with what color tie looks good

Update:04 Aug 2016

1. Contrast color matching Pink shirt + blue tie Whethe […]

1. Contrast color matching
Pink shirt + blue tie
Whether it is in the field of fashion design, decoration, makeup, etc., it is a common practice to use contrasting colors to enhance visual impact. And these two colors are the popular colors of this year, which together give a fashionable feeling. The taste of young sunshine.
2. complementary color matching
Pink shirt + green tie
The complementary color is a 180 degree contrast color in the color circle compared to the contrast color. It is the "collision color" that is often said, which is more attractive than the contrasting color. It is also more difficult, and it will be used in terms of the purity of the color. Men with deeper skills may wish to try.
3. Same color matching
Pink shirt + pink tie
The matching of the same color system is much simpler. The pink shirt can be matched with a tie of dark red, red, red wine and so on. There is not much emphasis on the purity of the purity. This collocation principle is mainly to add a little layering to the whole LOOK.
4. Colorless matching
Pink shirt + black tie
The colorless system refers to the three colors of black and white, no matter what color and the three colors are combined together, there will never be mistakes. At the same time, the pink and the three colors are also low-key together, reducing the pink "fan" , a little more handsome and handsome manly.