Outdoor Development

Update:27 Dec 2018

Our company often organizes some outdoor activities to […]


Our company often organizes some outdoor activities to strengthen the cohesion of the team and improve the enthusiasm. There are many forms of activities, such as barbecue, badminton games and so on. This time, the company decided to attend a team-building activity in the reading party. The weather on the day of the activity was very good.

The family of boyi is enthusiastic take part in this activity with the best condition. At the beginning, everyone chose their favorite books in the library and read them quietly in their seats. Time passed quickly. About an hour later, we were gathered in an open meadow.

Outdoor development officially begins. We sat on the floor, the coach stood on the grass and told us the rules of the activity with some points to pay attention to. We would have three projects that need to be completed together. It was time to test the cohesion of our team. What impressed me most was the blindfolded project.

Participants were asked to cover their eyes and lead two people at each end of the rope, walking to the designated place through a tacit understanding between the two, . We were divided into six groups. It was very difficult to get to the destination, we could only trust our teammates. In the process of the game, someone felt down, but finally stood up to continue the game, we helped each other, and finished this seemingly impossible project outside the city.

At the end of the activity, we started to work together and formed a circle. We Shared the knowledge we gained that day and summarized the help to our future work through this activity. Meaningful league building activities.