Successful men choose such a tie

Update:04 Aug 2016

A tie can be said to be the finishing touch of a man we […]

A tie can be said to be the finishing touch of a man wearing a suit. In fact, it is the soul of a man's suit. What kind of suit a person chooses, often no one chooses such a tie, but also explains the problem, in other words, a person What kind of tie has been chosen, basically determines what kind of taste you are. Today, I will talk about what kind of tie a man should choose, especially those men who have experience and should choose a tie. To show their success and maturity, men's tie is generally more solemn, they tie a tie, symbolizing their respect for the environment, and respect for the occasion, so many times the choice of tie may be more than we often imagine It’s even more important. Even if you don’t understand the culture of the tie, you will find that the national leaders wear suits and tie when attending some important meetings, so many times the culture of the tie is something you have to pay attention to. Point, then what kind of tie should a successful man play, or what kind of tie to choose?

In fact, I think that when choosing a tie, the most important point to focus on is the color. It is said that wearing a suit and tie is a sign of a mature man, so when choosing a color, you must be cautious. After all, mature men will not play some fancy. Tie, because it will make their whole person's temperament poor, but also they do not respect this occasion, but can not choose too dim color, because in this occasion, when they choose a suit, generally You will choose black or dark blue, so if you choose too dark colors and the entire suit, it looks like there is no difference, your suit and tie will fail.

The width of the tie is also especially important. Generally speaking, the thinner the tie will make you look younger, but in many occasions it is not recommended to choose such a tie, because such a tie seems to be disrespectful to this occasion, it is recommended to choose A wider width tie, because the wider the tie symbolizes the more mature and stable you are, the more respect you have for this occasion. This wide tie is suitable for most occasions. Usually, you can wear some tie between friends. The lightness of the occasion and the sense of fashion, but in such a big occasion, I really have to choose some wide tie to set myself up, respect for the DPRK nuclear and the seriousness of the overall atmosphere.

Generally speaking, when choosing a dark suit, you can choose a twill collar with a larger spacing to give the overall effect, because the dark suit always gives a solemn feeling, which is very serious. Putting a solid color tie can't usually achieve the effect, but if you put a twill tie, it may ease a lot, even if the overall temperament is not so serious and can also reflect your different taste, wearing a suit and tie, really It can show a man's taste and temperament, but pay special attention when choosing a tie and a suit. When choosing a suit, it is not recommended to choose a lighter suit because it has some overall temperament. Violation, and it seems that you are not stable enough, especially those successful men who have a certain experience, when choosing a suit, it is recommended to focus on the dark color, which will avoid a lot of trouble.