How to wear a tie clip

Update:28 Mar 2019

Tie clips, as the name implies, are used to fix the tie […]

Tie clips, as the name implies, are used to fix the tie. When you bend over, the tie won't hang down. It's a very simple accessory, but if you use it well, the small tie clip can make your image become More elegant and attractive tie clips come in two styles: clip-on pinch clasp and hairpin slide clasp.

Clip-on tie clips are more common, of course, if your tie is narrow and thin, hairpin-style is more suitable. Common gold or silver metal tie clips are a safe and popular choice, but you can also choose other colors, other materials or more decorative tie clips to give yourself extra points。

although the simple design of metal tie clips does not It will make your line look too arrogant, but if your clothes don't have any color, a unique tie clip can make up for the shortcomings. Although the clip-on tie clip can hold almost all types of ties。

it will form wrinkles on the narrower tie, which will result in a tight fit with the shirt. On the contrary, the hairpin-type tie clip will make those narrow and thin ties very embarrassing. A smooth, wide and thick tie is suitable for clip-on tie clips.

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