How to identify good shirt customization

Update:22 Jun 2020

A good high-count cotton Custom Pocket Squares fabric m […]

A good high-count cotton Custom Pocket Squares fabric must be woven with long-staple cotton. Because the fibers of long-staple cotton are long and thin, only it can be spun into high-count cotton (the higher the count, the thinner the yarn. Among the long-staple cotton, Egyptian long-staple cotton and American Pima cotton have the best quality. The fiber diameter of Egyptian long-staple cotton is 25% thinner than that of silk. After weaving into yarn, there are almost no neps. The fiber strength is high and the fibers are neat.

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Even, with special mercerizing effect, the fabric made of Egyptian long-staple cotton feels very delicate, with silk-like luster and quality, and the garment will still keep its bright color after repeated washing. High-end shirts made of Egyptian long-staple cotton and Pima cotton generally have more than 100 fabrics. Of course, the count is only one of the measurement indicators of the fabric. Structural design, weaving level, finishing technology and other aspects will affect the quality of the fabric. In terms of the number of counts, there are also single and double strands, and there is also a difference between the warp and weft directions. It is worth mentioning that Oxford spinning fabrics.


At present, the Oxford shirts that are sold directly in domestic shirts are basically 40-count yarn fabrics, which have a rough feel and low cost for customized shirt manufacturing.As the skeleton of the shirt, "lining" directly determines the external quality of the collar, sleeves and placket and the quality of the whole shirt. Good interlining plays a supporting and beautifying role, which can prevent the shirt from deforming and simplify the sewing process. The "lining" is glued inside the two layers of fabric, and the "lining" is not visible from the outside.


For the processing of keyhole thread, high-end shirts will also spend a lot of time to deal with. The sewing line should be neat, firm, and flat; the upper and lower threads are suitable for tension, no thread take-up or thread breakage, and there should be a return stitch at the landing needle; you can carefully observe the above details when purchasing. For customizing striped or checkered shirts, international brands will pay attention to sewing details. The stitching of a high-end shirt, the texture of the fabric is aligned, almost no trace of stitching. The place where the front chest pocket and front piece, left front piece and right front piece and sleeve cage are joined must be aligned.