How to distinguish "cotton, linen and wool" fabrics in customized suits

Update:27 Jul 2020

First, check Custom Neckwear whether the label has a pu […]

First, check Custom Neckwear whether the label has a pure cotton logo. Generally, "mTONIOm" is used on the label to represent the rayon logo. The clothing has a large shrinkage rate, hard, poor abrasion resistance, easy deformation under small loads, and poor dimensional stability. If the cotton fabric contains other fibers, the quality of the cotton fabric can be identified by touching it.

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Look at whether the texture of the fabric is tight, whether there are defects, whether it feels comfortable, and whether the color is bright. The cloth surface has tight texture, no defects, comfortable hand feeling, and bright color. The quality is good. Otherwise, it depends on the size of the yarn count.


The size of the cotton yarn count is closely related to the quality. According to the imperial calculation method, the larger the yarn count, The finer the yarn count, the better the quality of the woven fabric: the smaller the yarn count, the thicker the yarn count, and the worse the quality of the woven fabric. For example, the quality of the Bo yarn label is better than the 40 yarn label.


In order to implement the standardization, the instructor unit of the label line in China was changed from the imperial count to the metric count in 1979. This is the opposite of the imperial count. The smaller the metric count, the finer the yarn and the quality of the woven cotton fabric. The better, on the contrary, the worse the quality.