How to customize employee shirts

Update:03 Aug 2020

Shirt custom necktie customization is a very common clo […]

Shirt custom necktie customization is a very common clothing, especially white shirts have always been known as the most versatile item in the clothing industry. It is now the favorite of fashionable men and women, and it is also the first choice for enterprises to customize summer work clothes for employees. Because it can be combined with any single product at will. So how should you choose such a classic white shirt to highlight the corporate quality and image.

U Collar Khaki Waistcoat

Generally speaking, pure cotton is mainly used, followed by blended and linen. Cotton and silk blended fabrics are also used in some high-end shirts;Thread count: The thread count refers to the thickness of the thread. Normal shirts are generally less than 80, and good shirts are more than 100. At 140, they are already very thin and thin, and they will fit on the body and not easy.


Take care of polyester buttons are generally used for ordinary shirts, ordinary shell buttons are used for slightly better ones, and high-end shell buttons are usually used for top shirts.Generally, some good shirt customization brands will be divided into different versions, such as: classic version, normal version, slim version, extremely slim version.


The stitches are above 18 stitches per inch the top level requires 22 stitches per inch. The fine stitches have high requirements for fabrics, threads and sewing machines.If you want to use a white shirt for shirt customization, you must first ensure that the fabric is pure white without any variegated color. In addition, white shirts are used as daily items. If it is a very serious and formal occasion, you do not need to use cufflinks.