How do thin people choose custom suits

Update:20 Jul 2020

Tall Custom Suspenders and thin people, in fact, wear a […]

Tall Custom Suspenders and thin people, in fact, wear a more handsome style, is double breasted. But because double-breasted is not popular, it may feel a bit exaggerated to wear in the street or office building, why is double-breasted is preferred? Because double-breasted will appear thin and full of chest muscles, will not give people the feeling of "electric pole". For single-breasted, it is recommended to consider lifting the yoke. Do not make the yoke too narrow. It is now the trend to make the yoke narrow, but it is not suitable for tall people. Both three-button and two-button can be selected. Three-button is still mainstream in the clothing store, but it is relatively rare in the field of custom-made suits.


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The length of the custom suit must be at least standard, and it can even be a little longer. It does not look so thin and tall. Don’t choose a slanting suit pocket. The color can be bold. The bright wide stripes will make the thin and tall people look very handsome. Don’t choose dark. Pinstripes will make people thinner. There are no special taboos in splitting the back. The trousers legs can choose reverse hem, do not choose too fat trouser legs, slightly slim trouser legs are more suitable, but do not take the kind of extreme wear on the legs. Let’s talk about shirts together. Plaid shirts are a good choice for thin and tall people. If you think the plaid is too casual, you can choose a small plaid. The one that doesn’t feel a few steps away. The solid color is also a good choice. Just like a suit, Also avoid dark vertical stripes.


For people with medium body and thin skin, a few buttons of single-breasted suits are optional. The barb should not be too wide, it will appear out of proportion. You can boldly try to pull the barb. There is no special taboo on the back split. The selection of trouser legs also refers to the selection of high and thin, there is no taboo for the selection of trouser legs or not. In terms of the collar shape of the shirt, don't consider the stand collar shirt, it will look thinner. Checked suits and shirts are good choices. If you think it is too casual, you can choose bright wide lines. If you still feel that it is not formal, you can choose solid colors, but do not choose thin stripes, it will look thinner.


For short and thin people, don't wear single-button when wearing single-breasted suits. Three buttons are good. If you think the three buttons are outdated, you can choose two buttons. The first button can be opened a little higher to do Butter is a good choice. No folds in the waistband are preferred. Do not choose reverse hem at the mouth of the trousers, it will appear shorter. The length of the jacket can be made a little bit shorter, and the standard of the file selection is not to be made of short pants.