Boyi Workshop Exhibition

Update:22 Dec 2018

  Many of boyi's foreign customers should have com […]



Many of boyi's foreign customers should have come to our company, and they will leave a deep memory each meeting. So today, I would like to introduce our workshop to you.

Our workshop is divided into three parts. It respectively is the weaving workshop, the processing workshop and the packing workshop. Let's take example with necktie.

The weaving workshop is the first stage in which machines weave silk threads into pieces of cloth. We have a number of weaving machines which daily non-stop operation. Boyi pays great attention to quality. Weaving is the first step of finished products. We will control the quality at the source.

We will transfer the finished cloth to the processing workshop. The inspector confirms that the quality of the cloth passes the standard, and then the cloth is cut by a professional master, and finally transferred to the sewing area. The workers stitched together the loose lining, ironed it flat and then added a layer of fabric. The workers sew the trademark and the necktie by hand, so that the tie is finished. Each of our staff is careful and responsible, and strive to do a good job in every detail.

The finished ties are sent to the packing workshop. The packing is relatively simple, but we also have strict packing requirements.

If you are not very clear about the production process of finished products,welcome come to our company for inspection, and we warmly welcome your arrival.

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