Black bow tie is short for mini dress

Update:15 Jun 2019

The black tie is an abbreviation for a small dress. The […]

The black tie is an abbreviation for a small dress. The small dress is mainly black material, and the cut is very similar to the ordinary suit. The only small difference is that the collar of the shirt is changed to black satin, and each side of the trousers also has a black satin.

More formal, the waist has a wide waistband with black silk pleats. As for the shirt with a small dress, it can be very fancy. There can be a lot of pleats on the front chest, and the collar can also be lifted. As for the French cuffs and cufflinks, black stockings And patent leather shoes are similar to big dresses.The white tie refers to the big dress that men wear in the evening.

Cut with black material, the top of the shirt is only to the waist, so it is also called cutaway, the back is divided, the length is down to the knee, which is also known as the tuxedo. It is best to wear a hard shirt with two corners in the big dress, with French pleated cuffs and cufflinks, a white vest on the outside of the shirt, black stockings and patent leather shoes on the feet, and the white tie is the most formal. Men's dresses, because of the complexity of the details, so the white collar is used as a proxy."

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