Boyi Textile’s Vision
The company has become a leader in professional design and customized production of high-grade jacquard fabrics and apparel industry.
Boyi textile concept
Business philosophy: to adhere to the responsibility of quality, in good faith to serve customers, all customers first
Development concept: specialized market, differentiated market, lean and professional production, to build the company's own profit ecological chain
Humanistic philosophy: loyalty, respect, mutual assistance, sharing, gratitude

Boyi Textile’s Management Philosophy
Core values: innovation, service, integrity, carefulness, win-win, kindness
Mission: to maximize the benefits of customers and employees
Spirit: dare to challenge, work hard, introspect and work together

Boyi Textile Positive Energy
Style: honest, efficient, steadfast, dedicated, persistent, trustworthy
Behavior culture: listen, smile, compliment, and be warm to others
Slogan: practical work, integrity, innovation
Motto: anything is possible, believe in the power of "believe"